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A Relaxed Experience

We are a private club that meets once a month for chess and dinner. Our group of friends has been playing together since April 2018.

Why We’re Here

Let’s play chess!

This site is here to share our love of chess. And it kinda makes us look more official than we probably really are.

Members and visitors will find handy resources to help them play.

Printable PDF files of chess score sheets are now available for free download.

Our First Year

Over the course of our first year as a club, there were six members that regularly attended meetings. At Christmas of 2019 each of those awesome people was presented with a plaque to recognize them as a founding member!

Handy Resources

Chess Score Sheet

Free Printable PDF
Record your games with this clearly labeled chess notation score sheet.

Rules of Chess

Free Printable PDF
These rules govern the games played as part of our chess club.

Chess Notation

Free Printable PDF
This is an easy to understand list of basic chess notation.

When you see a good move, look for a better one.

Emanuel Lasker