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Tournament Game Rules

In preparation for our first tournament we are happy to present our first set of rules that should answer some questions players may have such as…

What happens when my time runs out on the game clock?

Basically, if you are using a game clock, the player who runs out of time will lose the game if their opponent claims the win on time and has sufficient pieces on the board to checkmate if the player had not run out of time. This means, if you run out of time and your opponent only has a King, or a King and a Bishop, or a King and a Knight, it would be a draw, as it’s not possible to checkmate using only those pieces.

What happens when the round ends but no one has won yet?

If you are not playing with a clock, and you have not finished the game when the round ends, you stop playing. The pieces are assigned point values. The player with the most points wins.

What are the pieces worth in points?

The King has no value. The Queen is worth nine (9) points. The Bishops and Knights are each worth three (3) points. The Rooks are worth five (5) points and each pawn is worth one (1) point.


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